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Adjustable Elevated Dog Feeder

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Experience a newfound sense of comfort for your four-legged best friend with this adjustable elevated dog feeder! It features three height settings to provide the ideal eating level and the anti-tipping design ensures worry-free meals. Elevate mealtime and make sure your pup is getting the perfect dining experience!


Help Your Dog Eat Slowly at the Perfect Angle to Avoid Joint Pain & Digestive Issues!



See your dogs overall health improve by just changing the way they eat! Regular bowls tend to be very uncomfortable for dogs to eat out of. With Elevated Dog Feeder adjustable elevated dog feeder your dog eats in the right position to prevent problems while eats. Every Dog Owner Needs This!




Prevents joint pain and discomfort – For dogs, straining down to floor level can be uncomfortable and even harmful. Serving food in a raised dog bowl means your pooch won’t have to bend down excessively to eat and drink. With our elevated dog feeder your dog eats in a perfect comfortable position.



Adjustable three heights – You can adjust our elevated dog feeder to 3 different heights. Perfect for your dogs size so that its comfortable to eat and drink.



Safe for pets and the environment – Safe and featuring non-toxic materials that are safe for pets, adults, kids and the environment. Carefully designed with high quality and durable materials that are easy to wash. The bowls can be washed in the dishwasher.



Stops bowl tipping – Whether your pup is eager to get to its dinner or they’re simply mischievous, our elevated pet bowls can put a stop to bowl tipping once and for all! The added weight and height ensures that dogs can’t upturn their food and water bowls, however much they try!


High Quality

Made with Love

For Dog Lovers